Beachy Cakesicles

What to do with all those cake scraps you get from trimming layer cakes…too good to through out but not very pretty piled up in a bowl on their own. (Although my husband has done just that, added milk and eaten it like cereal plenty of times until he found that to be not super […]

Watermelon Salsa

How do you salsa in Summertime? Are you a die hard tomato salsa fan or do you venture into the fruit varieties during the warm weather season? I do both! Love tomato salsa and have it the most throughout the year but come Summertime I love mixing in some fruity varieties when I’m making dishes […]

Watermelon Mojito

If there was ever a cocktail that watermelon was meant for it has to be the Mojito! I love the pure classic flavor of a mojito so much when it’s done well that I don’t often feel the need to go out of my way to flavor them a million different ways all the time. […]

Watermelon Cheese Danish

Makes: 8 DanishPrep Time: 15 minutesBake Time: 20 minutes Ingredients: Directions: Like this recipe or have a question? Please feel free to leave a comment below! Hungry for more? Click here to register on the Home Page and receive our free monthly newsletter featuring the latest seasonal recipes, tips, articles, info on free live upcoming cooking demos, […]