Baked Potato Soup

There are many comfort soups out there but potato has got to be one of the best. This is my go-version with dairy, and I also have my go-to version without dairy-click below for that recipe! Both versions of this soup are so easy to make since they use pre-baked potatoes-no peeling or chopping or […]

Gnocchi, Fennel & Sausage Soup

(Vegetarian and Vegan Adaptable) This soup has a little bit of everything I crave during the Winter months in one cozy delicious pot: hearty chewy potato gnocchi, warm flavorful fennel, turkey or veggie sausage, flavorful roasted tomatoes, and my go-to secret ingredients that make soups and sauces extra rich and flavorful-parmesan rind and wine to […]

Apple Crostata with Cinnamon Mascarpone & Caramel Drizzle

Crostatas are hands down my favorite kind of pie to make because they are so easy and forgiving thanks to the no-fuss crust made right on the baking sheet. Only one dough needed and no fussing over perfect pie crust edges! Apple is my go-to crostata during the Fall and Winter months and is a […]

Hot Cocoa Cookie Cups

What’s better than a steaming cup of rich hot cocoa on a chilly Winter’s day? Hard to beat, but a Hot Cocoa Cookie Cup might just do it! These fun and decadent little cookie cups have all the elements of Hot Cocoa in cookie form and are a hit with adults and kids alike! They […]